Terms of Service Agreement

The Terms of Service agreement is a lawfully enforceable agreement between you and Limo Advisor, and related websites (such sites provide services that are referred to “services” on Limo Advisor). If you are not in consent with our terms of service agreement, it is advisable to not use our services. Other than these terms and conditions, users may be asked to give their consent to additional terms and conditions for using different parts of the website.

The company “Limo Advisor” reserves the right to change, modify, remove, or add any portion of the terms anytime at their discretion. It is advised to customers to frequently check the changes in the terms and conditions of Limo Advisor. Your consent to use our services means that you have read, understood and agreed to our terms.

As per the agreement, the company “Limo Advisor” refers to you and your agents, affiliates, employees, subcontractors, and representatives as “you”. The Company and its employees and agents are referred as “we” and “us”, “company” and “Limo Advisor”. The references given to the sites include any and all sites owned and operated by Limo Advisor. The terms have been updated last on support@limoadvisor.com.


    Limo Advisor is an online marketplace that connects users with different limousine companies that offer car services in your preferred area of location. You can search and book for limousines through the site or call our customer care executive.

    Limo Advisor is committed to provide you a great experience; and as such, when you register, you may provide us your email address and an optional password or we can assign you a password to access our services.

    As soon as you enter your information and request for limousine services, we provide you a list of different limousine companies as per your location preference. However, we do not guarantee that we would be able to match your needs with our services. Either we place the booking of limousine or connect your request to the limousine provider with whom you can place your booking directly. We take sincere steps to examine and evaluate the credentials of the listed limousine companies on our website..

    Further, we do not guarantee the skills, quality of services and representations of such limousine companies, if you elect to avail their services. We do not endorse or promote the services of any particular limousine company.


    If you book directly with a limousine company, or enter into a contract with a limousine company, we are unable to guarantee or warrant the performance of the particular company’s outcome and quality of services offered and performed. Such limousine companies are neither our employees nor agents, nor are we their agents. The applicable state/federal /provincial or local laws govern the rights of the customers.

    If you have a dispute or you want to claim some damages with any limousine company, it is advisable to address such dispute with the company directly.

    Booking through website and call center- We are not legally bound to your request if you have booked directly through the site, though we have developed a resolution process to help and assist in resolving issues that may arise during the rendering of services booked through us.

    It is expected that you contribute and participate in good faith to resolve the problems through our resolution process. We expect full disclosure from you that you would provide accurate and complete contact information that helps us in assisting you post booking. If you fail to provide us the true information, we would be unable to resolve your disputes and help you in post booking efforts.


    If you desire to use our services, you will be asked to disclose certain elementary information about yourself and your service expectations. Some of the information given by you would be sent to the limousine companies who would use such information and respond to you or to other persons in relation to the business. As soon as you provide us with such information, or submit a request for the price quote, it is assumed that you have expressly given consent to receive notifications, or being contacted by the limousine companies and providers via email, phone, and other means of communication. As soon as you place a service request, you enter into a business relationship with us and our partners, and hence you agree to be contacted by our company and partners. We assume that you promise that all information provided by you will be accurate, true and reliable to the best of your knowledge. If information provided by you is not true or incomplete, the company has the right to refuse to give you any service currently and in future. Lastly, you are responsible for the use of company services if you unintentionally or negligently allow the access to use your accountthrough your password.

    You acknowledge and agree to us that you are at least eighteen years of age and you are using our company services for your personal use and not for any commercial purposes. You also need to agree that all the content and information written on the website, including limousine company profiles, ratings and reviews is the sole property of Limo Advisor and you have no right to copy, reproduce, post or publish or use such information for your personal use related to the service request placed by you.

    All the information provided on our site is confidential and allowed for personal use. If it is identified or suspected by our company that you are misusing or attempting to misuse our services or using the services for any inappropriate, commercial or non personal use, including but not limiting to activities such as hacking, infiltrating, advertising, fraud, jamming or spamming, then thecompany has the right to terminate your access without any notice and take proper legal actions or remedies, and /or damages including repairs, legal fees, costs and expenses.