Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is applicable for Limo Advisor that describes how we collect and use the personal information you provide us on our website, Limo Advisor understands your concern for sharing your personal information with us. Limo Advisor works as a trustable and responsible team where we provide the possible choice regarding the use of your personal information by us.

Limo Advisor assumes the responsibility to protect your personal information and use it sensibly; we acknowledge the trust you have on us and pledge to use it for your benefit.


    The information we gather from our esteemed customers assists us in creating a customer profile and understanding your needs that further improves your browsing and shopping experience at Limo Advisor.
    The kind of information we gather-

    General information

    When you visit our website, any information you give us is received and stored by us. You have the right to not provide us this information, with the condition that you cannot access some of the great features of our website, such as accessing the prices of Limos, booking /reservation of limos. If you desire to check the prices of Limos, and receive quotes, you have to create an account with your email address or phone number and password. Do not share this password with anyone, as passwords are always confidential. You can also provide such information, if you are participating in a contest, or filling a questionnaire or communicating to a customer service executive. You can add the personal information in your account or profile, also when you communicate with us via mail or phone. You can also avail the notification services for trip reminders, ratings and reviews, and provide corporate information for your corporate account. For bookings, you provide information such as name, address, phone numbers, credit or debit card numbers. The information given to us is used only for general commercial purposes allowing us to respond to your requests, and customize your future shopping experience.

    Third Party information

    Third party information means the general information you provide us about your friend as a passenger. Limo Advisor only adds such information for the purpose of booking and reservation and tracking the success of the booking. You friends and acquaintances can contact us at this email address the removal of information from our database, and we would contact you soon and confirm.

    For the success of our business, customer information is vital to us. Hence, we do not use your personal information to sell it to any third party. We share the information received on Limo Advisor within our organization to provide joint services such as registration, customer support, and transactions that assist in detecting and preventing potential illegal acts and violations of the policies designed by Limo Advisor. The data shared helps Limo Advisor to guide their customers about latest products, services, price policy, and communications. Our team from our corporate family will use your personal information to send marketing emails, responses and messages, if you had requested for such services. We share the information with the third party (LC’s) as they provide the price quotes to the customers or may also communicate with the customers directly and provide them limousine services. You fill your name, address, communication (email address, phone number), communication preference, type of ride, dates/times, vehicle preferences, location of service and any kind of special requests. Our third party LC’s are prohibited to use your personal identifiable information for any other purpose by our Terms of Service agreement.

    Technologies such as beacons, cookies, scripts and tags are used by Limo Advisor’s analytics and marketing partners. These technologies are used for data analytics that help us to analyze trends, tracking user’s movements, gather demographic information, administering the website and to understand the user’s base. The cookies are used throughout the website; users can also control the use of cookies through their browser. If the user rejects the cookies, he/she can still access the website but certain features such as search, booking and reservation will not work.

    Third Party information

    Limo Advisor includes links to other websites, and such websites may have different privacy policies. If the user submits his/her personal information to their website, your information is used as per their privacy policies. We advise you to kindly read the privacy policy of other linked websites before submitting any information. Right to provide Personal information – Users have the right to not provide their personal information to Limo Advisor, even though it is essential to receive quotes and past searches, creating a profile and customer reviews. You can access your information on Limo Advisor whenever you desire to. You have to go to the Accounts Page on Limo Advisor, where you can view, update, or modify your personal information. You can also change the password on this page, update and correct password, names, phone numbers and addresses. Another option is “My Trip”, on the page, where you can view your trips made, update and delete it. You can also close the account; you will receive an email confirming your request when you close it. Kindly note that if you have closed your account, you cannot access or sign in with that account. Hence, if you want to open a new account, you can do that anytime. Kindly contact us at, if you want to cancel any request or account for not using your information provided to us;though, we retain your information in order to comply with certain legal obligations, enforcement of agreements and resolving of disputes.

    We work effectively to protect your information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)technology that encrypts your information and secures it. If you have given your credit/debit card number, we only reveal the last five digits during the process of confirmation of order, but your complete credit card number is provide to the credit card company for processing of the order. We take serious steps to ensure security, though no transmission over internet and electronic storage is 100% secure. If you have any query related our security, kindly contact us at